Cavity Prevention

Danbury CT General DentistCavities are the most prevalent dental problem throughout the entire world, yet it is entirely preventable. While many illnesses and diseases occur for no apparent reason or fault to a person, dental cavities have a direct correlation to how well you prioritize your oral health. Stating this fact is not an attempt to make you feel bad; rather it is to encourage you to make your oral health of high importance in your day-to-day life. Your daily choices have a direct relationship to your entire health. Exercising keeps your heart strong and your body at a healthy weight; eating well keeps your weight in check and your body working well; and maintaining your oral health keeps your teeth and gums healthy. Cavity prevention should be a goal for everyone because the health of your mouth has a direct correlation with the health of your entire body.

Every day there are millions of bacteria present inside your mouth. If you have ever run your tongue along your teeth at the end of the day and felt a “fuzzy” film, then you have had a direct encounter with a buildup of bacteria-laden plaque. Plaque forms when the bacteria inside the mouth come into contact with the sugars that are found in the foods that you eat or the beverages that you drink. Every time you eat or drink anything other than water, tiny particles are left behind in the mouth. The oral bacteria want to “help” rid the mouth of these particles, but the manner in which they do so puts the teeth in a vulnerable position.

As bacteria encounter the particles left behind in the mouth, they begin producing acids to assist them in breaking the particles down. As with all acids, oral acids attack and begin breaking down whatever is in their path – this being your tooth enamel. If acid is allowed to remain inside the mouth for long, it will eat its way through the enamel and leave a cavity (or tiny hole) in its wake. Brushing at least twice a day, flossing daily, making healthy food and beverage choices, and visiting the dentist for regular cleanings are the most important choices you can make in cavity prevention. A low sugar diet will help to prevent the accumulation of bacteria-laden plaque, and keeping your teeth clean will help to rid the mouth of plaque so that it does not cause damage.

Cavity prevention is up to you, and at Rolling Hills Dentistry we want to do everything we can to partner with you in keeping your mouth healthy. Contact our practice today to schedule an appointment. Making your oral health a priority is the best form of cavity prevention.

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