Wisdom Teeth Removal

Danbury CT Tooth ExtractionsThe majority of people develop 32 permanent teeth, yet most mouths can only hold 28. These extra four teeth are known as the third molars, or wisdom teeth. While categorizing these teeth as “wise” may sound promising, these four teeth can actually cause a great deal of issues due to the limited space inside the mouth.

One of the greatest factors for the wisdom teeth to cause so much trouble is due to how late they develop. Most children and adolescents have all of their permanent teeth by age 12, yet the wisdom teeth do not erupt until somewhere between the ages of 16-25. By this time, the mouth has become quite comfortable with the teeth that it has, and when the wisdom teeth try to erupt they usually disrupt the comfort level. Overcrowding is the biggest issue with wisdom teeth. These third molars are often responsible for the misalignment of the permanent teeth, which can be very disheartening to those who have already undergone orthodontic treatment. Gum infections, jaw pain, jawbone damage, and constant headaches are other issues frequently caused by the wisdom teeth.

Wisdom teeth removal is typically done as a preventative procedure that addresses these teeth before they ever begin causing problems. This outpatient surgery protects the mouth from serious damage, and it is commonly performed throughout the United States each day. Patients are given anesthesia in the form of local anesthesia, general anesthesia, and/or nitrous oxide (laughing gas). The wisdom teeth and their entire roots are removed from the back of the mouth, and then the sockets are closed with dissolvable sutures. Patients are given simple and explicit post-operative instructions to follow at home to prevent infection and dry sockets from occurring. Following a very soft-foods-diet and rinsing the mouth with a specified solution will help patients fully recover from wisdom teeth removal in less than a week.

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