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A chipped tooth is more than an aesthetic issue; it can endanger the tooth and needs urgent repair. The outside enamel protects the softer, inner pulp of the tooth. A chip to the outside of the tooth can allow bacteria and decay inside, putting the tooth at risk for infection and serious decay. If you have a chipped tooth, call our team at Rolling Hills Dentistry for general dentistry. We offer fast, gentle chipped tooth repair at our office in Danbury.

Chipped teeth can be easily repaired if caught early. Most chips are caused by biting a hard item or trauma. When the chip occurs, it can usually be fixed with a small filling or by bonding the tooth. This protects the inner pulp and strengthens the structure of the tooth before any further damage can happen. If you find a chip, make sure to call us for an appointment for a quick and expedient repair.

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While a chip is a minor repair, a broken or cracked tooth can be a serious oral health issue. A severely broken tooth or a crack that extends below the gum line could result in extraction. At the first sign of a crack in a tooth or a broken piece missing, call our team at Rolling Hills Dentistry. Even if there is no pain accompanying the damaged tooth, it should be considered an urgent dental issue. Fillings, bonding, inlays, onlays or dental crowns can be needed to complete the tooth repair. The extent of repair will depend on the damage and the risk to the tooth.

Damage to a tooth should never be ignored. At Rolling Hills Dentistry, we offer quick and gentle repairs for chips, cracks and broken teeth. We have extended hours and Saturday appointments when you need an urgent dental repair. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.


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