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Severe tooth pain can be a sign of infection or damage to the interior of the tooth. When decay, infection or trauma affect the pulp or nerve center in a tooth, it is almost always painful and can lead to serious harm to the tooth. If not treated with general dentistry, an abscessed or infected tooth may need to be extracted to protect your health. Root canal therapy at Rolling Hills Dentistry can stop the pain and infection while protecting your tooth from extraction.

Root canal therapy refers to removing the pulp and nerves from the canals of the tooth. This involves removing the cusp or top of the tooth to reach the canal and extracting the diseased material inside. This process was once tedious and difficult, often requiring several dental appointments and a painful experience for the patient. Advancements in the technology used in root canals have made this much easier and less painful for the patient; most root canals are completed in one appointment with very little discomfort. If you think you need a root canal give us a call today! We are ready to welcome you to our Danbury, CT office!

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Even though root canal therapy is no longer painful, many people still equate the procedure with pain. The truth is that root canals are what stop the pain of an infected tooth. An abscessed or infected tooth can be extremely painful; a root canal removes the source of the pain and protects the infection from spreading. Once the diseased pulp and nerve roots are removed, the tooth is packed with a sterilized material and sealed for protection. Most root canals require a dental crown to protect the tooth from further damage.

If you have an infected or damaged tooth that needs root canal therapy, contact our office today for an appointment and come see us at Rolling Hills Dentistry. We offer gentle root canals in a relaxing atmosphere. For those with anxiety during dental treatments, ask about our sedation dentistry options for additional help relaxing during your procedure. We offer a stress-free environment for all of our patients in our Danbury office. So, request an appointment today!


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