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One of the worst pains to deal with can be dental pain. A throbbing tooth or an aching jaw can make it difficult to concentrate, eat or enjoy beverages. When you are suffering from tooth pain, life can be miserable. There is no reason to continue living with a severe toothache or jaw pain. Call our team at Rolling Hills Dentistry for general dentistry; we can help stop the pain and give you relief.

A toothache can occur for many reasons. Decay and infection can penetrate the inner canal of the tooth and put pressure on the nerve. This can result in severe pain that will not dissipate until the pressure or diseased tooth material is removed. In some cases, worn enamel or a crack can cause sensitivity to temperature or pressure, making it difficult to eat or drink.

When you have tooth pain, just call our office in Danbury. We offer emergency and same day appointments for our patients. Most causes of dental pain can be fixed in one appointment, giving you relief from your toothache right away.

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Jaw Pain Relief Danbury, CT

It is not always a tooth that is the source of pain. The jaw can also become sore, often from damage to the joint or teeth grinding that cause pressure on the jaw. Like tooth pain, jaw pain can radiate and be distracting. You may also have headaches, facial tenderness and issues closing or opening your jaw.

We can treat jaw pain at our office. In many cases, a nightguard is all that is needed to remedy the cause of jaw pain, relieving pressure from teeth grinding or clenching at night. We can determine the cause of your jaw pain and find the right treatment solution to give you relief.

You do not need to live with tooth or jaw pain. Contact Rolling Hills Dentistry today to get relief. We have urgent care appointments, extended hours and Saturday availability at our office in Danbury.


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