Tooth Extractions

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Tooth Extractions

Losing a tooth, regardless of the reason, is never an enjoyable experience. At Rolling Hills Dentistry, our goal is to do everything possible to prevent tooth loss with general dentistry. However, when a tooth does need to be removed for the health and well-being of our patient, we offer gentle, safe tooth extractions.

With the many advances in dentistry, teeth that once would need to be pulled can now be saved. Even severely infected teeth can undergo a root canal and be preserved if caught in time. But even with these advances, there are times when a tooth is too damaged or diseased to repair, or the tooth is posing a threat to the person’s health. When this is the case, our dentist Dr. Blake Winokur can carefully perform a tooth extraction.

Most teeth are quick and simple to remove, especially those in the front of the mouth with only one or two roots. Molars can be a little more difficult, but Dr. Winokur has the expertise to quickly remove these teeth as well. We offer sedation options for our patients undergoing tooth extraction to minimize the stress of the procedure.

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While most teeth that are removed are diseased or damaged, wisdom teeth are usually brand new when they are removed. Wisdom teeth removal is a common practice when these last molars do not grow in correctly or crowd the other teeth in the mouth. If they become impacted, they can cause pain, infection and other issues, which is why they are often removed as soon as possible.

Wisdom teeth arrive in the late teens/early twenties. If you have a teen that is getting their wisdom teeth or you have wisdom teeth coming in, come see us to check their progress. If needed, we can remove them to reduce the chance of any issues that may occur due to lack of space or incorrect positioning as they come in. Contact Rolling Hills Dentistry today to schedule an appointment.


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