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Children need special care for their medical needs and that includes dental care services. Growing teeth need monitoring and care that is no longer needed once permanent teeth are in place. At Rolling Hills Dentistry, we enjoy the chance to work with our littlest patients to help them grow healthy, beautiful smiles. You will find that we have some of the best dentists for kids. At Rolling Hills, we understand the importance of a child's first dental experience. We offer a fun, interactive experience for children to learn about caring for their teeth while ensuring they get the dental care they need.

Our lead dentist, Dr. Winokur, has a daughter of his own and truly understands the importance of children's dental health. Pediatric dentistry is one of the most important areas of dentistry due to the nature of a child's tooth development. When you go to a children's dentist

A child’s first dental appointment should be shortly after they get their first tooth and before their first birthday. It is important to monitor the growth of these “baby” teeth and check for any decay or issues as more arrive. Pediatric dental care is so important and needs to be handled with the utmost care. The primary teeth set the path for the permanent teeth and can have an impact on a child’s adult smile. We help care for these teeth with cleanings, checkups, and sealants to avoid decay and loss before their permanent teeth are in place.

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Many adults that have dental anxiety had poor experiences as a child when they went to the dentist. We love kids at Rolling Hills Dentistry and want our young patients to have a positive experience while in our care. We have a fun play area, flat screen TVs in the patient rooms and a friendly staff to make visits fun for kids. Our goal is that every child that comes to us has a great experience and grows up caring for the health of their smile. Our team will help both parents and kids learn about the best way to protect their oral health. Additionally, we'll help minimize the possibility of decay and other dental issues.

If you are looking for a friendly, caring dental office that welcomes small children, contact us today for an appointment and come see us at Rolling Hills Dentistry in Danbury. Our staff treats children with patience because their dental experiences as a child will set the stage for their future experiences. We accept most dental plans, have extended hours and payment options for your convenience.


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